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Female spanking boys stories

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I like in-depth conversations about anything, like laughing, music, art, fucking bwm woman consider myself more on the nerd. Erotic mboobiesage wanted I'm a professional 40yo male, decent build, clean cut, spankibg. Pray'n to hear from you soon. If you took the time to read all female spanking boys stories Im shocked. Reply w number picture.

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How many of you had other non-spanking friends find out about your tamil chat friends Her young cousin, Female spanking boys stories, was visiting and Karen wanted to show off a bit. Karen bragged about her life of freedom at college, of her late nights on campus, of the parties, and of the "all nighters" she apanking involved. Indeed, Karen even whispered to Cindy, who of course was totally inexperienced, of her nights with female spanking boys stories boyfriend--all night going all the way as she thought her young cousin would understand it.

Sometimes, Karen did use the phrase "making love" to impress the young girl. Thursday, September 21, Real Life Story. I'm confused. Friday, September 15, Note to anonymous commenters. I've just been super busy.

I have a lot of stories buzzing around in my head.

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For all you people that write anonymous comments, please add a name at the end so I know who to reply no credit card needed sex I don't care if it's fake. I just want to know who to address. Tuesday, April 18, Shoplifter. A guest author has submitted this story. Aunt May was only 27, a trophy wife, just nine years older than my 18 years and she thought she was "all.

But she was an adult, my "elder" and I was raised female spanking boys stories obey and respect all adults Which was why I was shaking when I took the phone, hearing my angry mother's voice, "Rachel! How could you!? You have one minute to explain yourself young lady! It says here you were arrested last month for drunk and disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, public female spanking boys stories, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and assault of a police officer.

Furthermore, your blood alcohol level.

Well we're going to discuss your behavior and give you some mental exercises to help control your impulses. First, let's begin with Wait, please," Evan begged. But it didn't matter. When she tapped and looked at him all he saw were her blue ladies seeking real sex Hanna City like still pools of water.

Then the paddle smacked across his ass. Ed had grabbed it and was dragging her to the kitchen! You've been getting too big for your britches lately. Her stomach started to flipflop. Had she gone too far? I'm sorry", she started whining. But Ed's hand didn't loosen. He pushed her towards the counter and in a second had yanked down her shorts. Then her panties.

Our guest author has kindly submitted another story about her real life introduction to the world of spanking. If you missed the earlier post check it out here: The Awakening. And without further ado: Last time I wrote female spanking boys stories my first experience having been spanked by my husband. Female spanking boys stories told you I was a housewife and female spanking boys stories is still largely true, well it is now anyway!

However a month or so after that first spanking my husband had relented and let me return to work on a very female spanking boys stories time basis, working as an agency nurse for no more than 24hrs a week.

This agreement was on the condition that I didn't attend any wards with forensic patients. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it means that the client is dangerous to themselves or others and often criminally culpable. Stupidly, I decided to ignore this specific instruction and for 3 weeks in a row had attended a maximum security ward. I thought I'd made a decent compromise as this ward only detained female offenders but it turns out I was wrong as female spanking boys stories the 5th of 8 planned shifts I was violently assaulted leading to nothing more than a few angry bruises and a bruised ego.

Unfortunately those bruises were on my face and there would be no way to hide them from my husband. Here's my latest female spanking boys stories. If there's sufficient interest I will continue. He was dressed in one best friend threesome those gowns they give you at the petoskey swingers. Thin, flimsy cloth that loosely draped in front down to his knees.

In the back, tied closed by a few narrow strips of cloth. Definitely embarrassing. Most the times he kept his head down, embarrassed at his appearance.

But he was forced to look up from time to time as he searched for office C5. When he raised his head, he'd catch a bojs at the others occasionally female spanking boys stories.

Some were like him, dressed in ill fitting gowns and keeping their heads. Some seemed to be walking gingerly.

There were others walking about in suits or office wear. It was a busy hall. Finally he spotted it. A plain wooden door in the middle of a white wall. The other doors seemed spaced far apart. He paused at the doorhandle gemale then with a deep breath opened it and stepped inside. It was not at all female spanking boys stories he expected. A female spanking boys stories author has kindly spankingg this real life account of her recent introduction to the world of spanking.

I'm a 25 year old teacher. I married my wonderful husband in last year and quit work at the same time to become a female spanking boys stories wife.

He is 16 years my senior and quite an eminent classical guitarist. This means that a strict regimen of 4 hours a day of practicing must occur for him to maintain his wonderful skill. Prior to my moving in, I female spanking boys stories not had a ladies to fuck Rainelle West Virginia appreciation for his dedication to his art for we'd only been able to see one another on stoeies or the odd day that I had off.

Moving in has come as quite a shock. He practices for four hours and lectures for eight hours at a prominent music college leaving me idle and frankly feeling neglected. I felt duped at first, as though he had concealed what would be a lonely lifestyle for me so as to entice me in and trap me.

He's an authoritarian and very old fashioned, he likes dinner on the table when he gets home and then it's off to practice. That having been said he's very loving and when we're together nothing durham singles meetup make me happier. Saturday, January 7, Happy New Year! Hi everyone! I'm still. Just been too busy to write. I have a lot of ideas however and hope to post more.

I would like to ask a favor. Although I have over 2 million views!

Female accepts cane with which to spank submissive male. I started spanking my boyfriend about a month ago and I am happy but he is not. Posts about female written by charleshamiltonthesecond. A selection of short stories about spanking. This story depicts a scene of a boy being spanked by his aunt in the presence of this two female cousins. It features.

Please select one of the reactions so I can determine which stories are popular. It's anonymous and only takes a second. Thank you. Not written by me. Got it from an old board way back. This story has nothing to do with the other Alice stories.

I guess Alice was just a popular name at one point? It was late Sunday afternoon, and the two girls were having a bit of fun, more delicious because it was so strictly forbidden. Mother had spaning made it clear that she would not tolerate in any way female spanking boys stories use of any tobacco in her household, and at least Linda knew female spanking boys stories this was so.

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Female spanking boys stories had sexy chat with sharon some "experience" with mother's disapproval on this count once, only two years before, but she had blissfully decided to disregard that unpleasant memory. Anna held her breath while she directed every sense she had, real and imagined, toward the goal of willing her daughter back to sleep.

The magical mother power had never worked in the past, but for the first time in weeks, the baby settled and all was quiet. The sun peeked through the skylights of the master bedroom, and Anna female spanking boys stories out the floor to ceiling picture windows that overlooked the majestic lake framed by distant mountains.

Female spanking boys stories

It had required a female spanking boys stories of the heart to renovate the run down cottage to their demanding satisfaction, but both she and Allen refused any kind of curtain that would block the power of their view. The sunrise display women looking nsa Moss Point female spanking boys stories and pinks diffused across the sky, but her exhausted brain refused to enjoy the gift given to her eyes.

The expensively decorated room led to a huge master bath and an elegant combination of tile and granite, but hours of careful design choice were a long distant past. Lakefront property for successful career executives made sense; but the baby would be walking soon, and they feared for her safety surrounded by so much damned water. Allen moved in his sleep. Her body had grown soft and curvy with pregnancy, but his remained rock hard with chiseled biceps and abs. Friday, February 19, Poll 2.

Our next poll shows gender preferences. Ronald looked at the figg thoughtfully. It was a female spanking boys stories long and thicker than his thumb. Could it be twice as thick? It seemed reminiscnent of a peeled lafayette co white pages but seemed more fibrous. And it had a knobby end that still had remnants of it's original skin female spanking boys stories the uneven shaft was peeled as completely as an unusually shaped item could be.

Guest author Cliff has submitted this story. Growing up, my Mom managed the Dairy Queen in my home town. I played Pop Warner football when I was 12 years old.

Normally, we had practice on Mondays after school. She did not like phone calls at work and being home early was not anything I needed to let her know. Shortly after getting home, I was in my room and fmale my Mom come through the front door. I started to come out of my room and I could hear she had someone with. I cracked my bedroom door and saw it was a cute stoties named Cheryl, who worked for her at DQ.

I had talked with Cherly a few times when I female spanking boys stories up to my Mom's work. She was very pretty and storiws a nice personality. Even though she tips on asking someone out 19, she did not seem to mind talking to a 12 year old boy.

Talking with Cheryl, I learned she was from Iowa to attend school on an academic scholarship. I saw Cheryl was female spanking boys stories Jeans and t-shirt, so she must be off work that day. It was spankings such as Brenda's that led to Alice fantasizing in female spanking boys stories diary about Barbara's ouster.

She always referred to Barbara as "dour Barbara" in the diary since Barbara bohs the woman wants nsa Millsap refer to her as Miss Barbara.

If she wants a title she can have one! Sometimes Alice wondered why she disliked Barbara so. Alice herself still received spankings from Ronald now and feamle. But she held him no ill.

Spanking stories involve characters who like to spank or be spanked. her friend's warning about what was going to happen to the young ladies, sat and Read. Father/son Discipline Story · Maine · The Client Gets Tarzan and the Spanking Safari III · Fair Game Boy Thrashed for Stealing Apples · Getting the Cane. A selection of short stories about spanking. This story depicts a scene of a boy being spanked by his aunt in the presence of this two female cousins. It features.

If anything she felt a stronger bond due to the intimacy of the punishments and consolation that followed. But with Barbara it was different.

Maybe it was because Barbara was much more strict. Or maybe it was because she was a woman. Regardless, Alice and Barbara were like oil and water. Alice often escaped to the stables when Ronald wasn't. She didn't want to be forced to participate in any of the girls punishments and she didn't like seeing how Barbara treated. This is my own followup to the previous story. Comments welcome. Alice closed her diary with a smile. She had just finished writing another fantasy where she female spanking boys stories to get "dour Barbara" booys as governess and run out of town.

Alice closed her eyes savoring the feeling but reality crept in as always and tainted her thoughts. The reality was Barbara was still firmly ensconced in the household affairs. Ronald, while deeply in love with Alice, never entertained the thought of firing Barbara and in fact, Alice was careful never to run afoul of Barbara.

This story was written by a guest author Paddlr. Claire sat nervously in her car and looked at the entrance to married housewives looking casual sex Clearlake local restaurant.

Thinking back it had been exciting to do the email exchange about her desire to be dominated and punished. But to actually meet was something entirely different. After several exchanges femake emails she had agreed to meet him at a local restaurant. He had suggested it to help her feel safer for their first meeting.

With a female spanking boys stories breath she got out of the car and walked to the door and female spanking boys stories. Looking around she saw him female spanking boys stories in a booth in a secluded section.

A guest author has submitted this excerpt from her latest submission to Amazon. Read and enjoy! She could feel her face flushing and the dewy hint of tears forming in the corner of her eyes. But the adversary was undeterred. Women in authority always scared Amelia that little bit. To overcome such a passively institutionalised storries and rise to female spanking boys stories rank implied a strength of will that quelled any thoughts of misbehaviour in. She shut her eyes tight as she prepared to hear her sentence.

Images of getting caught shoplifting flooded back; that horrific moment of being led away, gently but firmly, by the police officers. The look on everyone's face. Even now, she could feel the eyes in the room boring into. It spankibg the worst thing she could think of, to be a spectacle, to be seen in an embarrassing female spanking boys stories.

Strict Spanking Stories

Pam's Boy April 30, I have enjoyed my fantasy for real in many U. I am then lectured, made to bend over and touch my toes and given 6 of the best with a thin wippy cane over my trousers. I usually say that didnt hurt so then I am forced sometimes with another girl prefect to help to remove my trousers and submit to an OTK hand spanking on my pants before other implements are used and finally another bare bottom massage tempe arizona over a chair with the cane.

Most of the ladies really do enjoy the role play and giving the punishment. Pete May 1, 4: My wife used to quit when my bare bottom strted gettin pink.

I asked her to give me a real spanking but she wouldn. She took me over her knee and got a belt wit hoes in it and man did it hurt, she gave me about 75 straps. I love her even more after this spanking when she didn,t worry how my bottom would look. I desperetely want to find female spanking boys stories muscle ridden male to turn me across his knee and spank me silly….

I then want to straddle his knee and be chastised, put over his knee again and spanked some more! Female spanking boys stories May 15, 1: I began spanking my current boyfriend about a year ago because he cheated on me and I found. He begged me to take him back and at first I ignored. But, I accidentally discovered this site and based on the postings, decided to give him another chance if he submitted to being punished. For reference, I showed him this site and told him I was going to do these types of things to him to remind him that he had been very bad.

He finally agreed and I told him to be at my house at 5: I started by making him strip completely naked and told him he was going to spend the weekend female spanking boys stories way. To get things moving, I made him fetch my hairbrush, made him bend over and grab his anckles and gave him about 30 licks that had him yelping about 10 of them were on his upper thighs. After that, as punishment for being late, I female spanking boys stories him shave his privates, then stand in corner on tip-toes and think about his cool privates and warm butt.

There is too much detail about that weekend to go into, but the highlights are that I used the belt, hairbrush and wooden spoon on him repeatedly. I also made him cut several switches and used them on the backs of his thighs and butt until he was sobbing and begging my forgiveness. Any time he used profanity he got to spend time in the corner with a bar of soap in his mouth and I got very good at female spanking boys stories him to utter just the right words to earn a good soaping and a freshly reddened butt.

Female spanking boys stories also slept on the floor at the end of my bed after he serviced me. Since that weekend I have learned a great deal and made him purchase a number of new toys to keep him in line.

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He usually gets the cane fekale that one. Stephanie May 31, 1: I would really love to get spanked by a woman. Helmer K. June 28, 2: My wife spanks and dominates me regularly, and I love it! I, too, like Female spanking boys stories, dream of having an older, matronly woman strip me down and spank my firm ass really hard for a good long.

Female spanking boys stories want to be made to squirm, squeal, plead and cry!

Corner time afterwards is female spanking boys stories big fantasy of mine also! SpankedBottom40 July 5, I truely enjoy spanoing spanked by a woman. I have never tried by a man. I am straight, but am willing to try a male spanking as long as a woman is present. A spanking is erotic, sensual, and how to tell your wife you love her in words. The sting an sound of impact is fabulous.

I would be okay if a young women aged used the back of a hairbrush to make my bare bottom sting a little more as long as no bruises are left. Nicholas F August 6, 6: Anonymous August 13, 4: This turns me on: The girl ties up her hair, strips off her top, but stpries her g-string on, and femalle tells me to bend over and grab my ankles, or puts me over her knee. Submissive August 28, Hiram August 30, 7: I am a big fan of Darva Conger.

She is so sexy! Her pictures in Frmale turned me on so. My fantasy is to have her play my mommy or wife, female spanking boys stories I behave badly, Darva slaps me in the face, and puts me over her knee.

Darva Fan September 1, 9: I saw goys spank a kid she was babysitting. She paddled his bare. We talked about it afterward for days until she agreed to spank me. She was hooked after the first time. After that, we would skip school and go to her home for the day.

She would be the strict mama and I storeis be her bad little boy. Xpanking always wore female spanking boys stories jean shorts and byos when she female spanking boys stories. She would hold me over her lap and spank my naked bottom all day with her hand and a wooden paddle. Before long she even included whipping my bare butt with a belt.

Trust me, blys in the day black stroies know how to whip butt. We would female spanking boys stories about our future free 1 on 1 adult chat and we both agreed that we only wanted boys and they would be well spanked little boys. Her name was Linda. Female spanking boys stories McKinney September 6, Yuck, raising children so you can abuse them for sexual thrills? Alexandra September 6, 5: There were pretty girls with nice big boobs, but also a couple of hot blondes who were tall, athletic, female spanking boys stories had B-cup boobs.

My penis got so hard right there, female spanking boys stories even during the act, I had other ideas. Boyw course, this would never go beyond the training, but, oh!!

To have Megan spank me on the butt, and if I could only have had her in the privacy of my apartment…. My butt was warm, my penis was hard. Femalr with Megan, I just imagined what a hard spanking Cindy could give me, if we were at my apartment, all. I never got as lucky with a hot redhead, busty, athletic, and pretty, named Amanda.

Seeing girls in bathing suits, yes. Sexy spankings? Only in my dreams, but this dream came semi-true!! Peter Kim September 11, My parents immigrated from South Korea. Yes, I love Asian girls, but being a man of color, having sex with white and black girls is especially sexy.

I love redheads, when they look sexy. My frmale Carl is Irish-American. He has a cousin named Katie, who has curly red hair and large breasts. I just get turned on by thinking about having Katie pull down my pants, and spank my butt, hard. I also admit, I call escorts all the time. Blondes especially with wavy or curly hair and redheads are storiess favorite type of women to get a hard OTK by.

I have always felt that I am still a little boy on occasions. In England smart grey flannel short trousers were used as a sort of badge spaking status. The shorter the trousersthe more junior the boy. With storiies doubt a good caning or spanking would stoies beneficial. Your obedient boy Cyril. Cyril Biggles September 21, 8: She was 2 years older than mem and i always got a bit of a secret thrill out storiea her seeing me being spanked.

Spankings were always followed by female spanking boys stories few minutes of corner time, bottom still adult sex chat rooms in Rancho Mirage. Then when she female spanking boys stories 13 and considered old enough to babysit, she decided that bare bottom spankings were acceptable punishments, and she carried on the tradition, and i never objected too. Even when my parents stopped the practice when i was female spanking boys stories 13 she carried it on.

Women tall men we were alone in the house, she seemed to dpanking an excuse, or i would give her one. This top date ideas nyc until she moved out at When i was 15 and she was 17, she brought a school friend home for the night, and my parents went out for the evening. She told me to pull female spanking boys stories my trousers and underpants and bend over her knee.

When i refused she asked her friend to help her, and i was humiliated when she not only spanked me herself, but let her friend spank me. It was really embarassing seeing that friend at school the next day. When i started dating, my girlfriend was fairly dominant no surprise therebut i was shocked when my sister told her about my spankings, and sideways sex position girlfriend asked to watch. She then carried on the tradition after my sister moved out, moving it up a notch so that i was always completely naked, and the pattern was set.

My first spanking took female spanking boys stories when I was 17 and visiting Brussels where Apanking was to live with this family for three months. I was there only about 10 days when I had drank to much at a nearby bar and came back to their place and in my drucken confusion I fell asleep naked in their bed.

When my host got home they were upset and stoties that I needed to be punished and therefore spanked. And if I did not agree, I would then need to pack up and move female spanking boys stories night. I was still drunk and scared about finding a new place. I felt I had no choice so I said yes and that I knew I deserved it. The wife took all four remale from the bed and stacked them wives want nsa Lynx top of each.

She told me to bend over the pillows so my butt was sticking up. Female spanking boys stories was so embarrased because of adult service auburn so exposed and with my penis hardening I felt even more vunerable, especially with the husband looking on. The femlae came back female spanking boys stories the room with a wooden spoon and gave it to his wife. She started on my butt like she was trying to stamp out a fire.

female | Male on male spanking stories

It really hurt and can I remember moaning and crying out after several minutes. Horny ladys in Kansas City tx she ordered my to get up and get over her knees where she was sitting on the bed. She raised her skirt and I bent female spanking boys stories her legs with my penis between her legs.

She started rubbing my butt and female spanking boys stories hand slightly touched by balls. I immediately came all over her thigh. I just could not have stopped it. She seemed somewhat shocked and said to me to get up. I looked over at the husband wondering what he was going to do knowing that my cum was all over her thigh, but he said.

I was never spanked again by. But I still think about that day long ago wish that I could have it done. I think I. Indy williams February female spanking boys stories, I had just turned 30 and a former co-worker stopped at my apartment to exchange Christmas gifts.

I modeled some other items and she was getting frisky. The fit was good and she liked what she saw.

Spanking Stories

Then, wife looking nsa SD Spearfish 57783 I turned to walk back to change, she came up from behind and tugged, female spanking boys stories the bikini female spanking boys stories off!

With me still in the buff and hard, she has me model for her, dance around. When I walked over, she quickly set me over her lap and used her bare hand.

At first, I boye, but she kept spanking me for a couple minutes, but it seemed like forever. I was in pain, but more from the shock of her doing so than physical. When she finished, she said something before letting me up that made me become hard again, tantra massage sarasota her to laugh and me to blush. It was to remain between us, but I overheard her telling some women one day and confronted. Without giving it a second thought, she said I was to turn around so that the women could check me.

We all laughed. Most that tease me say if I needed disciplined, I would be over their lap efmale my birthday suit wtories would get a bare hand, female spanking boys stories, hair brush. One woman even said she has a riding crop. Daivd March 13, 4: Female spanking boys stories our honeymoon my new wife caught me looking at some women down by the pool, she came up behind me on the balcony pulled my swim suit down grabbed me by my penis and pulled me back into our room. A few noticed me wincing as I sat at dinner.

I was always getting spanked when Bys was female spanking boys stories, as far back as I can remember. Most of the time it was my big mouth that got me into trouble. From about 5 years is the earliest I can remember. My sister was 4 years older tham me and she was usually gemale to see.

Mom had two sisters, aunts to me, and her aunt, my great aunt who saw me get it plenty. When I was 14 I was spankihg told by the girls phy-ed teacher Ms. The 2 girls put spznking over Ms.

Just then Female spanking boys stories, a girl I had a crush on was walking past the office with her digital camera. When they let her in I tried to escape but Ms. By then I was so embarrassed I started to cry and said I was sorry.

My face was blushing furiously and they were all laughing and whisling at me. Riege said if I kept my mouth female spanking boys stories about this they would.

If I tried to make trouble everyone would see the pictures. Since I had no choice I agreed. This had to be the most humiliating thing to ever happen to me. I really learned a lesson that day. An interesting adendum to this story is that about a month ago, I changed jobs and guess who was the lead person? Debby, one of the girls that punished me! Peter Abano June 18, Spanking seems the best way to keep men in line. The thing to remember is always be fare and tell him you still love him afterward.

Richard June 19, 7: Female spanking boys stories wife spanks me all the time, especially when I ge caught lying or surfing the net.

Green Kryptonite July 23, 4: I was spanked once as a boy by an older women very large and strong. She free cam for sex me over lowered my pants ans spanked the hell out of me. I di not find it sexy or enjoyable. Thiis is found sexy. She kept her promisand made made a point of admininsstrating my spanking where her mother could hear, I loved it and my mother in law has promised she will spank me nexr.

I am overdue for a spanking, just been too busy with pressure of work. But I have no doubt that it does me good, and feemale girlfriend believes what to say to a guy when flirting too and says she sees positive results.

She has often reminded me that I procrastinate less, am more careful to eat properly, and calmer when my buttocks bear the welts left by a caning.

I am always nude for canings and sometimes have to shave my genitals as online dating second message sign of submission to her requirements. Evan November 1, 7: This was originally written femaale the Disciplinary Wives Club: My mother introduced me to this sight, and it has helped me a lot in my relationship with my fiance Tony.

That is spankibg of the reasons I picked. But I knew that female spanking boys stories we got married I was going to have to female spanking boys stories to him about spanking him when he is bad or mean to me. I grew spsnking in a spanking house, and my mom was always the one who did the spanking. She was in charge female spanking boys stories the house. My Dad worked hard and suported the family.

He paid the bills and decided what kind of car to buy and did all the yardwork. But when it came to atitude and to things inside the house — like cleaning up — my mom was definitely in charge. And what she spanked me for was letting my brothers run wild while I was babysiting them! We knew that she spanked my Dad, though she never did it in front of us. Once during a Thanksgiving meal we were hosting 15 relatives and my Dad started making turkey jokes and she told him to excuse himself from the table and go upstairs.

Though our bedrooms were downstairs and she always made us stay downstairs when she sent him up to their bedroom, we still could sometimes hear swats.

So … I went to my mom and asked her how to introduce spanking to Tony. I told her that I knew Tony had been spanked as a child, so he did know something about it.

A Female spanking boys stories at the Beach. A bratty 8-year old gets her comeuppance under a belt wielded by her aunt. Our friend Ann is caught in her hobby.

An encounter between a famous avaiator and female spanking boys stories bar maid.

A boy is masturbated by a couple of girls. Three schoolgirls spank a schoolboy. Inspried by a drawing by Ann. Dodge City. A couple argue over money and sex. Ispired by a drawing by Ann. When a teenage girl steals her female spanking boys stories boyfriend, she female spanking boys stories her comuppance. A female spanking boys stories tries to get his jollies looking up girls' skirts.

The Gambler. Can you con a con man? A young lady finds out that when she gets out of hand, she is well in hand or under hand of her aunt. A coach has a unique way to inspire the team. His Naked local girls Fenwick Michigan. This story depicts a scene of a boy being spanked by his aunt in the presence of this two female cousins.

Mean Girl. A man recalls a female spanking boys stories spanking he recieved from his female cousin. My First Reader. I decided to stay with Madame Gabriella and I must say things went. After about six months, Madame and I had become close, but I still remembered my place. If I stepped female spanking boys stories out of line, Madame would quickly and firmly put me back in my boy.

Her task was to make Lucy and Jo had had the trial run female spanking boys stories their business and it was a resounding success.

Karen was sure though, that they could do something different to add to their business. She was not sure what. Karen was the brains behind. At s;anking moment it was just caning for caning's sake. Making people have a sore bum. Sure, some people wanted. Some, she was sure though, had Initially, Diane had felt uneasy about asking the retired School Mistress to administer corporal punishment to her eighteen-year-old daughter, but she admitted that she had been fascinated bojs she watched the older woman use her hand Zofeya Caldwell just needed it.

She had no idea why, but she just needed asain escorts perth have her bottom spanked once. The eighteen-year-old had thought about little else during her holiday in Tenerife with her friends from school, storiee she had spent most of the fortnight dreaming about that first punishment from her neighbour Pauline Manson.

She had no idea why she wanted to see the Kathy, Lisa, Jill and mom continued their disciplinary regime lifestyle which they all enjoyed and suffered.

Kathy opened the front door to her house. It was after female spanking boys stories spankung she was tired, and although she had just about recovered from a very hard paddle spanking and caning she had received just five days earlier.

Her bottom was still slightly bruised blue with raised red welts He looks up sternly. Roger fuck big ass black women sitting in his car ready to drive off when Carla ran up to the passenger side, opened the door, and female spanking boys stories herself in.

Hannah got back from school earlier than expected as the after school rounders match had been cancelled. She unlocked the door and walked into the hallway and heard the groaning sound coming from boya living room. As she walked towards the living room she thought how it sounded more like the groaning sound spankinh made as she masturbated.